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Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer Research Grant Terms and conditions

Selection Process

  • No late submissions will be considered.
  • Previously funded research not eligible.
  • All pre-proposal and full-proposal applications will be reviewed by the JWO Research Grant Expert Panel, a distinguished panel comprised of internal and external members with significant experience across academia, Africa, research and environmental science. All applications will be reviewed and scored in accordance with the grant criteria.
  • Please note, that no feedback will be provided on  applications and the  panel’s decision is


Grant Budget Guidelines

For the full proposal submission, the budget template provided must be completed. Applications that include a budget template different to that provided will not be reviewed. The budget should:

  • Be completed in US Dollars
  • Not exceed $150,000
  • Cover the complete project period (3 years)
  • The full proposal budget items must be detailed and justified
  • NOT include infrastructure development, vehicle purchases, and costs associated with accompanying dependents as these are not supported by the JWO Research Grant


Terms and Conditions

The award of JWO Research Grant will require the successful applicant to sign a Grant Agreement detailing the terms and conditions of the grant. A draft grant agreement will be shared at the full-proposal stage.

The JWO Research Grant values the importance of protecting the applicant’s privacy and personal data. All information shared in the application process will be handled in accordance with The Protection of Private Information (POPI) Act.

In applying for the JWO Research Grant applicants acknowledge the Policy on Fraudulent or Plagiarized Data and Documents in Grant Applications

Applicants for the JWO Research Grant are advised to note that there is a zero-tolerance policy regarding the submission of fraudulent or plagiarized data and documents as part of grant pre-proposals and the full proposal process. Any such cases discovered by JWO Grant staff or brought to their attention by panellists, partners, or members of the public will be investigated immediately. If the presence of fraudulent or plagiarized materials in a submission is verified, the following actions will be taken:

The pre-proposal or proposal will be removed from further consideration for funding, and other actions may be taken under legal advice.


Grant contact details

For further information or queries regarding the JWO Research Grant, please send an email to