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The Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer Research Grant (JWO Research Grant) was established to honour the late Mrs Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer and continue her extensive contribution to and passion for Africa, the environment, and science.

Applications close 28 April 2023

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JWO Grant: Top tips for researchers

Join this webinar for insights into the criteria and application requirements for the Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer (JWO) annual research grant.

Our Top 5 Finalists

The five finalists who are in line to win this year’s $150 000 USD Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer Research Grant have been selected. The top three will be announced on August 31, and the winner will be announced at the 12th Oppenheimer Research Conference set to take place from the 4th – 6th of October 2023

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Dr Lovanomenjanahary Marline

Dr Lova Marline

Bioindicators of biodiversity, air quality and climate change: leveraging non-charismatic groups, bryophytes and lichens, in the tropical Afro-Malagasy Region.

Dr Mohamed Henriques

Dr Mohamed Henriques

Migrant shorebirds as sentinels of local ecological changes in key African wetlands with global.

Dr Yolandi Schoeman

Dr Yolandi Schoeman

BioCredits: Regenerating Africa's Landscape bio-intelligently.

Dr Matthew Burnett

Dr Matthew Burnett

Fishers, fish, and fish-eating waterbirds – interactions that can meet the sustainability goals for floodplains.

Dr Shannon Conradie

Dr Shannon Conradie

Linking physics and biology to inform wildlife conservation under global change: an interdisciplinary approach.

Application Timeline

Previous Winners


Dr Elizabeth Le Roux

Cattle corridors - aligning ecological processes and local livelihoods.

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2021 Recipient

Dr Gideon Idowu

Microplastics and plastic-derived chemical contaminants in Africa: Implication on human health and the loss of aquatic biodiversity

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