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About The Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer Research Grant

Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer’s love for the African continent began in the mid-90s  when she moved to Zimbabwe with Jonathan Oppenheimer. In 1999 they moved to South Africa and she embraced it as her home. Her philanthropic interests first started with health and education, however, as she began to understand the challenges that South Africa, Africa and the world faced, the environment took centre stage and became a significant part of her focus and passion.
Sustainable ecology became a central theme in her efforts to understand how a sustainable environment can be created where man and the environment can exist and live for generations.
The JWO Research Grant was founded in her honour. The grant aims to continue her contribution to and passion for Africa, the environment, and pioneering science. The purpose of the grant is to support early-career scientists that are conducting impactful research that will provide solutions to some of Africa’s most pressing problems.
Jennifer Ward oppenheimer